99 Thai Massage Hua Hin is a warm and friendly Massage and spa center with high beauty & health standards. Do not lose an exquisite chance to give your body a nice treat. We are continued to take a step closer in perfecting our total wellness solutions from local wisdom. Scientifically researched and systematically developed with international standard to maximize their potential to create sustainable beauty and friendly experience of limitless beauty in today’s time-limited lifestyle. Expanding from only relaxing massage to 99 Thai Massage Hua Hin’s personal care collection, luxurious range of skin care products, formulated from natural local herbs and botanical ingredients. Each and every product contain unique benefits and characters with natural vitamins, plant extract and pure essential oils, perfect for all skin type that need intensive care.

Available in 6 sensuous aromas specifically designed to naturally balance the function of your body and mind while rejuvenating your skin. Health Land gives you more than comfort but the confidence to let your beauty naturally shines. We ensure you that a journey to 99 Thai Massage Hua Hin will promise to be a rejuvenating experience. An ideal place to unwind, shape up and discover a renewed sense of well-being.